Thrive Domestic Abuse Counselling Service


About the project:

Working in the community and women’s refuges across Kent, Thrive provides trauma informed counselling to men, women and children who have experienced domestic abuse. 

Highly trained and experienced counsellors help clients overcome their trauma and begin to no longer just survive but thrive. 

At Thrive we believe that whilst our clients may have some shared experiences, they should be treated as the unique individuals they are. Not only are the team trauma informed, LGBTQ+ sensitive, they are aware of the differences survivors from different demographics may face.

Thrive offer a variety of therapeutic techniques within their 3 stage trauma informed model;

  • Thought Field Therapy (TFT)
  • Attachment sessions, based on the principles of Theraplay
  • Systemic work
  • Psychoeducation
  • Group work
  • One to one work
  • Creative therapy
  • Talking therapy

The demand for this service is far beyond what we can meet so funding for this project is in desperate need. If you can donate or want to be involved in fundraising please use the donate page on our website or contact

Meet the team:

Ashleigh Lifford - Senior Counsellor 
“No matter how many people I meet and stories I hear I will never not be astounded by what people are able to not just withstand but overcome. It sounds like such a cliché but it is the greatest privilege to hear another’s story and with them process their experiences in such a way that the horrors they have experienced no longer control or haunt them.”
Raikha Masih - Child Counsellor 
"I love making a positive and hopefully lasting difference to children’s lives, particularly when they feel at their least positive."


Anne Benbow - Counsellor 
"One of the main things that I enjoy about my job is seeing the changes that people make for themselves (with my support) and watching their confidence grow when they recognise that their traumatic experiences do not completely define them."
Tracy Latham - Adult and Child Counsellor
"I love working for Fresh Visions, they are a fantastic team of people who do amazing work . I love our team building days when we're all together. "
Julie Wratten - Adult Counsellor 
"I’ve been with Thrive Domestic Abuse Counselling Service for almost 6 years now. Alongside my counselling qualifications I have a Cert in Trauma, a Cert in Autism Awareness and I’m a Systemic Practitioner. I enjoy the specialism of this work and find the role fulfilling and extremely rewarding."

Case Study

Sophie's Story:
Sophie fled to the safety of the Women’s refuge during Covid-19 lockdown 2020, She was 20 years old.              A neglected child, she suffered a traumatic childhood. She was the youngest of two older siblings, who rarely spent time with her. She spent many hours alone. As she grew up, she got in with the wrong crowd. Since there were no boundaries at home, she could come and go as she pleased. She became a party girl, drinking, drugs, and sex.
She soon realised friendships she made were people who only used and abused her. At her most vulnerable, she fell into the clutches of a violent man, whom she feared would kill her.
During the initial assessment, it was clear Sophie was very traumatised. She cried a lot and was full of fear and anxiety, that prevented her going about her daily life. Yet, she still felt the need to go back to her perpetrator, she hated feeling that way and couldn’t understand why.
In the early sessions she would walk around the room, frustrated and angry with herself for, “not having the sense to walk away from trouble”. She felt there was no hope for her, no future, she felt worthless. She had lost her identity.
Her progess in the sessions was up and down, as hard as it was for her, she stayed committed to her counselling.
After the initial trauma work, Sophie became stable. We began to work on her low self esteem that was linked to past issues, from her childhood, and the parental neglect.
We explored the person she wished she was. Having this opportunity helped her recognised and define her own qualities and attributes and no longer relied on external recognition, she was finding her identity.
She gained self-awareness and noticed she had previously tended to seek her self-worth from others, needing reassurance to be noticed, loved, wanted, needed, and cared for. All the essentials that were missing from her childhood. Sophie’s coping mechanisms: worrying about being judged or measured by others was a façade.
Through her 40+ sessions Sophie gained a deeper sense of self; her confidence and independence grew. She recognised her personal growth and that the most important relationship she will ever have is with herself.