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Ashleigh Boxshall - Senior Counsellor

“No matter how many people I meet and stories I hear I will never not be astounded by what people are able to not just withstand but overcome. It sounds like such a cliché but it is the greatest privilege to hear another’s story and with them process their experiences in such a way that the horrors they have experienced no longer control or haunt them.”

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Tracy Latham - Adult and Child Counsellor

"I love working for Fresh Visions, they are a fantastic team of people who do amazing work . I love our team building days when we're all together. "

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Julie Wratten - Adult Counsellor

"I’ve been with Thrive Domestic Abuse Counselling Service for almost 6 years now. I am Accredited with BACP and I have a Certificate in Trauma and Autism Awareness. I’m a Systemic Practitioner and I enjoy the specialism of this work and find the role fulfilling and extremely rewarding."

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Sarah Frampton - Counsellor

“The best part of being a counsellor, is seeing people make a hopefully lasting change in their lives and moving forward positively, with a sense of new found freedom. It is an honour to witness and be a part of, alongside them.“

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Louise Lyon - Counsellor

"The most rewarding part of being a counsellor for Thrive charity is giving hope when people feel hopeless and the opportunity to enable and support people experiencing domestic abuse."

Louise Hale

Louise Hale - Counsellor

"As a play therapist I fully believe in the power of play to help heal young mind.

For me assisting young people as they journey toward finding voice in feelings and experiences, gives me purpose. Seeing a young person start to make sense of, understand it’s not their fault and begin to heal from traumatic experiences is very rewarding."

Stephanie Webber

Stephanie Webber - Counsellor

"I love being part of a team which helps people move through their experiences of domestic abuse and relational trauma and to rediscover who they are. The most rewarding part of my job is being alongside someone as they begin to find safety, process what has been done to them and start to dream of the future they want."