Typically, young people in the areas that we deliver in risk falling out of education and training. They’re also vulnerable to negative influences including alcohol, substance misuse, poor nutrition, obesity and gang influences. 

Motivate sessions run weekly from local community centres, the sessions provide a safe space for the young people to regularly meet up, gain support and learn new skills. The sessions include a variety of activities, from sports to informative talks around knife crime and mental health. Other activities include, arts and crafts, wellbeing talks, learning photography skills and much more.

We encourage attendees to help shape the sessions themselves and allow time for regular feedback and consultation, this enables us to provide a service that is extremely beneficial to the young people we work with.

Case Study

Kasey with Volunteer Youth WorkerKasey's Story

Kasey is 15 years old and has been coming to club since she was 10.

Kasey regularly attends the Broomgrove club and is a popular member of the group.  Kasey has experienced a massive impact to her metal health due to a very traumatic bereavement in recent years.  This has resulted in a PTSD diagnosis.  It has been a struggle for Kasey to open up and share her feelings, but she has been determined and resilient.  She has come to trust staff and volunteers at club so that she can have a safe space to talk over difficulties.

You give support and advice if we’re feeling down and bring us back up again.” Kasey says.  We have had the pleasure of watching Kasey grow in confidence and maturity and she makes appropriate and sensible contributions to group work.  Kasey says, “We get to chat about stuff we don’t talk about at home, like sex education.

In addition, club has given Kasey the chance to find other young people she can trust and open up to.  She says, “I’ve made a lot of new friends there and am now really close to Midge and Angel.

Kasey has grown into a kind and good-natured young lady and is helpful towards staff and other young people.  She will go far, and it’s been a privilege being involved in her journey.