Intouch is aimed at people over the age of 55 who are living alone in Optivo housing or part of the surrounding neighbourhood. We will be providing a range of health and wellbeing initiatives and providing employment support to combat isolation and loneliness in these areas.  

Intouch is designed to: 

  • Improve physical and emotional health and wellbeing
  • Offer personal development and social engagement
  • Encourage an active lifestyle
  • Improve confidence, develop new skills and provide accreditations
  • Give employment support
  • Provide advise on financial wellbeing and maximising incomes
  • Enhance access to home safety and energy efficiency advice

Use our brochure below to find out about the health and wellbeing activities we offer.

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Other events:

New job opportunity, Traffic Management Roles for over 55

Tuesday, 13th June - Eastbourne

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Are you 55 or over, have some time to spare and keen to positively influence others?

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65 and over? We try something new every month with
tutors to show us how...

Next Session 16 June, 10:30am - 12:30pm

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Meet the team

Lisa Buckland - Community Health and Wellbeing Manager

"I love working with a great team of like-minded and interesting people all striving together to make positive changes."

Bliss Winspear‑Barrett​ - Project Officer, Health and Wellbeing

"I love working for Fresh Visions because it’s a team of down to earth people who have a common goal to support others."

Annette Jones - Project Officer – Health and Wellbeing

"I love working for Fresh Visions as we have great team members who have lots of enthusiasm and motivation. I love listening to inspiring stories and having the ability to support people, empowering and enhancing lives."

Edward Amofah - Empolyment Support Officer

"One thing I love about working for Fresh Visions is everyone is welcoming and friendly."

Movement Matters, Purley

We partnered with, Patricia Goka from Holistic PT Studio to provide six free joint health sessions for Optivo residents and the local community.
Patricia specialises in movement science and movement optimisation.  Over the six weeks the group worked on joint mobilisation, muscle activation, low impact movement, stretching, motor control, balance and coordination. The sessions were designed to encourage social interaction as well as focus on joint health to stay active for longer.

One participant said ‘I never realised the full benefits of exercise, until I was shown how to do it correctly,’ another explains she no longer has to pull herself up the stairs and can take the stairs normally. 

Case Study

Trudy thoroughly benefited from the group’s interaction; explaining she had not left the home for some time and had low confidence. Trudy looked forward to the group every week, and there was a visible difference between her confidence in her first week to the last – she certainly had a glow about her. Trudy has now made supportive friends and plans to get out more to local groups which’ll give her something to look forward to.