Changing lives, transforming futures...

Fresh Visions supports children, young people and adults who face extreme disadvantage as a result of poverty, domestic abuse, lack of education and social exclusion.

We operate in some of the poorest neighbourhoods in the UK.

Our projects help people gain control of their lives by developing the confidence, motivation and skills to achieve their potential and build brighter futures.

Through our diverse range of services we help:

  • Adults and children overcome the trauma of domestic abuse and chaotic home lives through our counselling services
  • Young people who’ve fallen through the gaps of education, training and employment make their first steps into work through job placements and practical skills training
  • Socially isolated older people in our communities regain the confidence and life skills to live healthier, happier, engaged lives.

Where we work

  • We focus on meeting local need in Kent, Sussex, South London and the Midlands. We work in areas where individuals and communities face extreme disadvantage, poverty and exclusion.
  • 60% participants on our projects are female and 64% from BAME (Black, Asian and minority ethnic) backgrounds.

How we're making a difference

In the last 24 months we've:

  • Engaged over 980 people across our programmes.
  • Supported over 680 young people.
  • Provided much needed support to 185 survivors of domestic violence.
  • We’ve successfully secured £593,000 of grant funding income
  • Over 200 volunteers and fundraisers gave their support to our cause, raising over £41,000 towards our programmes.
  • 99% of participants have greatly valued the support we’ve given them.